A Hollywood Tragedy

Cassondra F.
3 min readJun 17, 2021

To be a leading lady

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When I accepted the job of Miss Evelyn’s assistant two years ago, I had no idea what I’d be dealing with. A former actress, Miss Evelyn spends most of her days lying around the mansion calling me for this and that.

“Teeny, darling!” she called, after she rang her little bell.

I informed her that my name is, in fact, Tina on several occasions. But it didn’t seem to make a difference.

On one particularly difficult day, I was preparing lunch for Miss Evelyn and her special guests. These special guests were well-known producers. Her agent set up the meeting knowing his client was desperate for work.

While in the middle of cutting carrots for the roast, I was startled by my employer’s shrieking. Though, this was nothing new. Miss Evelyn was always in a crisis of some kind, and it was my job to ease her worries with wine and Valium.

From the kitchen, I heard, “Teeny, please! Help!”

I sighed deeply, grabbed a bottle of wine, her favorite glass, and a pill. I entered the sitting room to find Miss Evelyn laying on the chaise and with her eyes wide open in terror.

“Miss? What’s wrong?”

“I can’t see, Teeny! I can’t!”

“Here, Miss. I brought — ”

“No! Call a doctor, Teeny! I… I’ve gone blind!”

Within ten minutes of my call, an ambulance arrived. The paramedics carried a weeping Miss Evelyn away.

“Teeny, darling. Please come with me. I need you,” she managed to call.

“Of course, Miss.” I followed.

At the hospital, Miss Evelyn was admitted for exhaustion. Seeing how little she did on a daily basis, I was confused by this diagnosis. Miss Evelyn’s agent called, and I excused myself.

Upon returning from the restroom, I found her sitting up in bed and fumbling with the bag I brought to her.

Without a tone of surprise, I asked, “Miss, your sight has returned?”

“Teeny, come tend to my face. I’m having visitors soon.”

“What visitors, Miss?”



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